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Open and shut ’17

Open and shut ’17

This is going to be a super long and narcissistic reflection, I apologize in advance so feel free leave the page immediately after reading this sentence.

The good news is, I have tons of content coming soon, lots of new posts and some topics to cover that I think are interesting. But this post, this is a summary of my Open 2017 experience.

I was NOT going to do the Open this year. All year, I told myself, no way José you are not participating in that life-sucking event that makes you a stressed out, sad, emotional crazy person for five weeks of your life. This was my third open—I started CrossFit exactly three years ago.

The reason I wasn’t going to do the Open isn’t because I don’t like the Open, or because I don’t want to be a part of the community. I like all that. But, I am competitive. I try really hard not to be…but I am. I am also REALLY REALLY hard on myself. These are things that I am very aware of so I try to avoid situations that make me ultra competitive, or ultra depressed. CrossFit really helps mitigate this problem…said no one ever.

I exceeded my expectations in last years Open, so despite feeling fully confident that I am a more well-rounded, fitter athlete than I was a year ago, I knew the leaderboard might not reflect that. I know I have holes. HUGE glaring holes in the form of the worlds weakest legs. I also don’t really train for competition, don’t have a coach (just a PIC), and don’t even really have goals. My goal is honestly just to get fit, have fun, get better and learn new skills. But..I also train really hard and hate being shitty.

Photo cred to Kathryn Learie of Owen Imaging. 


So..why did I decide to participate you ask? Other than getting to watch my rad friends compete.

17.1 was announced. I loved it. I knew it was a workout completely in my wheelhouse. Up until the moment I did the workout, I still had no plans of participating in the Open. Did the workout, felt good and thought…alright fuck it, I will submit this score and play the rest by ear. Thoughts: This workout was a great test of pure fitness. Not much skill required, if any. Perhaps some coordination to tng the dumbbell snatch, but essentially just suffering and maybe some lower back stamina. I give this a 10/10. 😉


17. 2. Oh boy. My first real epic mental breakdown in Crossfit. BMU’s and I have a dysfunctional relationship. I know I can do them, I know I can link them. But..they are a real mind-fuck for me and once I start missing, I lose my cool. Lucky for me I LOVE walking lunges and anything with a dumbbell, so that was a bit of a saving grace. To Alana and Lacey for persevering through my rage…thanks again. This workout was nothing more than a test of how well you can do BMU’s under I give this a 8/10.


17.3 HA…just shoot me now. My max snatch is 140#…like I said, my leg strength is a joke. Not for lack of trying, I might squat more than anyone I know. But, I have long limbs, no ass, I am genetically ungifted and I run too much. This workout was smart, a really great test. It was cool to see how many girls could move through the heavy bars. I should have redone this one, but decided to cut my losses and call it a day. Testing strength, technique and skill under fatigue from a body weight movement is totally brilliant and evens the playing field. IMO, if you can’t lift these weights you have no business at regionals. I have no business at regionals. Girls are fucking strong. I give this a 10/10.


17.4 Please be 16.4, please be 16.4, 16.4!!!!!!! I loved 16.4 last year, and I knew that I could beat my previous score. I think this is a great workout, the pull/push design makes it so there is really no need to rest. For me, a long time domain with little need to rest is right in my wheelhouse. I’m not sold on the hspu standard, but I seem to do OK with it due to my giraffe arms. I give this a 9/10…LOVE the workout, love chippers, but in reality I think hspu’s are stupid.


17.5 Woof. That’s about all I can say. I love du’s, but..I just really really really suck at thrusters. Watching me do a thruster is like watching a baby deer try to pull itself out of quicksand. A lot of things went wrong including the clock not working, and my doing 11 rounds by accident..but, it was max effort and I think even best case, I could only have shaved 15 seconds off my sub-par time. Then…re-attempting it, doing worse and quitting in the 10th round. However, I learned a lot about myself as an athlete and I have no regreats. I think this was a good, horrific burner of a workout…BUT, I think it rewards people who are just plain good at thrusters and that is all. Like how can people who take 16 minutes on 17.1, who can’t get through the 135# bar in 17.2 do this workout in 8 mins? I know how…either they are midgets or they full of shizzzz #proveit. My least fave Open workout to date. I give this a 8/10. Just pure misery.


So that is that. Another Open come and gone and I couldn’t be happier to leave it in the dust and get back to training my shitty legs. I am happy with how the Open wrapped up, improving on last years finish by 9 spots (not that great) and proving to myself that, despite being a geriatric exercise racer, I am in fact fitter than I was a year ago.

I’ve said it a million times, but I can’t thank my PIC enough. Not only is she the mastermind behind our programming, but she is also my fierce and tireless training partner. I get to feel like shit every day of the week while she lifts 100# more than me and critiques how terrible I am at everything. But I love it and wouldn’t change a thing.


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