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Saturday, July 9


Hero Hour inspired by Ben Smith’s 4th of July workout

Saturday morning doozy in the rain inspired by the #fittestonearth @bsmit13 with @aalanimal #kamloopscrossfit

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This was pretty great/kind of awesome/kind of terrible. There were parts I really liked and parts I liked a lot less. We did this as a partner workout and split the work pretty evenly. Sometimes I want to sandbag things but I know Alana would by annoyed with me, so I can’t…especially the row, which I strongly dislike always. #sorry4beingtheworldsworstrower Glad my partner in crime was back doing cool things today though, even if she did have to pop Advil part way into the first 2 minutes. #champ



a) Split Jerk; work up to a heavy double 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155
b) 3×2 @ 90% of (a) 140
c) 3×2 @ 80% of (a) 125

I am a rickety old bag-o-bones

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