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Friday, July 8

Morning Enduro

8.5km road run


EMOM x 20
1. Row 12 cals
2. 15 snatches @55#
3. Bar Muscle ups (3, 4, 5, 5, 6) – 23
4. Rest

This was ok, pretty tough actually. I REALLY sandbagged the first round of BMU’s because, I guess I thought 3 in a minute was a good amount so I stopped. I should have tried a little harder I guess. Also, I am REALLY terrible at bar muscle ups, so add that to the list of things I must learn to do right 🙁 



Squats by Dre!!!!!!! LAST DAY.  10×3 +1 @85% of 90% +15# (145)  #riddlemethat #socomplicated

3x (1+2+1) @145#
3x (2+1+1)

This might have been the hardest thing I have ever done..lifting wise haha. 21 squat cleans, 9 front squats and 10 jerks @145#. Like, I actually thought I wasn’t gonna complete it, I almost cried and my joints ache like a 95 year old. One thing Kpups is tragic at, is squats. For most girls, 145# squat cleans are no biggie, just TnG light as a feather…not me, this was very very hard for these legs. I would get to the jerks and just hope to God the bar would land over my head. So so so so so happy to have this little program over with. I’m not sure if I am any stronger, probably not. I’m just really really really weak 4life. What now? Back to 100’s? Maybe 80’s? I needzzz gainz 


20 bicep curls
10 lat press downs
4 rounds

Was gonna do some other stuff, but it was just Kpups and the boys at the gym so I peaced the fuck out and celebrated being done squats by Dre with lots of food. 

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