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Friday, November 4

Morning Endurance

10.5km run

A touch long for my taste.


4×5* @ 215# + 10


2 Touch n’ Go Rope Climbs
2 Cleans @145#
3 Burpee Box Jumps (mandatory step down), 30″
15 Rounds
Time: 17:31

Decided to do Saturdays WOD instead of Friday’s interval workout. I don’t love intervals and I don’t really need/want to practice wall balls and kb swings. I could probs use the push-up practice, but my shoulders didn’t really need more pressing. This workout was way more challenging, 145# is essentially max effort for me. I am definitely struggling in the strength department lately…more than even usual.



2 Ring muscle ups
10 Weighted Lateral Box Step-ups
5 Strict Pull ups (pronated grip)
20 L-sit “love taps”
6 rounds

Felt jealous that Alana worked on ring muscle ups this week so I wanted to catch up on that and make up for some of what I missed Saturday. Practicing just jumping to the rings in neutral grip…it actually went well. Probably cause I was just alone with no pressure or stress. Decided to to Saturday’s accessories instead of Friday’s and didn’t have the time or energy to do Saturdays jerks.


Bench Press
4×5+ @ 102.5# + 10

Still really bad at pressing…..fucking arms. I should have done abs, but I ran out of time and decided to eat a bag peanut butter chocolate instead, i’m the real picture of health. Maybe it will help that 145# clean feel easier???? #gainz

Went on to do nothing with myself all weekend. Did a quick Sunday WOD with Alana then went home while she continued on with fitnessing. 

“Gut Buster”
150 sit-ups
1000m row
150 sit-ups 

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