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Monday, November 7

Morning Enduro

8.5km run

Back to the grind after a couple days of being a fat sloth, not exercising and eating all the sushi, froyo, chips and popcorn. YOLO #carrideswiththeOlynyks=chips #weekendswithmymom=allthesushi


Strict Press
4×5* @ 75# + 11



AMRAP 12 minutes
50 Double unders
20 KB Swings, 35
7 Jerks, 105
Total: 5+76

Broke all the jerks in 4+3, I think this was a good strategy for me because I suck shit at anything that includes pressing of any kind and it gave me a chance to recover and not go to failure. Everyone else made the jerks look super fucking easy. I was pretty annoyed with myself for being one rep shy of finishing the 6th round, like, why didn’t I just pick the bar up 5 seconds sooner. #lazy


Front Squat
4×5* @ 135# +11

4×20 GHD Back extensions


10x (1 Strict MU*** + 2 Kipping Muscle ups)

Still can’t do strict ring muscle ups. I can do 10 strict chin ups, I can link kipping muscle ups (with epic struggle), but for whatever reason I can’t get my fat ass through the transition. I feel a lot of sadness. 

Dear diary: Actually really hating Crossfit right now. There is nothing about it that makes me want to be in the gym. I seem to be getting worse instead of better. After a weekend away, I kinda felt like…I don’t really want to go back at all. It makes me feel hate and frustration with myself instead of happiness. 

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