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Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween #Spookytunes

Morning Enduro

8.34km road run


Power Clean
3×5 @ 120#


“Crossfit Open 14.1”
AMRAP 10 minutes
30 Double-unders
15 Power Snatch, 55

Total: 8 rounds (360 reps)

This was the last time I did this workout…It was a pretty long time ago, when I was super shitty. Turns out I am not that much better 1.5 years later. I actually tried really hard too, my shoulders and forearms were done…I’m scared to wake up tomorrow.


Bench Press
3×5+ @100#

alternating with

5×3 front squats @160#


7×3 Strict Chin-ups @15#

4×10 GHD Glute Ham Raises

A lot of depression today over the realization of just how god damn weak I am. I have this realization once a week, but it seems to hit me hard every time. FML. 

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