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Thursday, November 3

Morning Row

:45 ON; 2:15 SAF (Slow as fuck)
15 rounds – no rest
Total: 9, 436m

Well….trying to keep up my Kpups immersion row plan and it’s going pretty poorly. By immersion, I mean 2/7 days a week HA.  The only way I got myself to the gym this morning was to tell myself that I was allowed to row as SLOW as I wanted on the 2:15 segements (the majority) of this row without feeling guilty about it. That also meant I had to try really hard for :45 seconds, which for my weak ass baby deer legs is not ideal and pretty much the max time domain before my legs stop working. My average pace for the entire workout was 2:21/500m….so yea, super slow. Oh well, I managed to get through it without slitting my wrists, but A LOT of ass cramping, like just so many butt cramps. Rowing by myself is decent because I can row as slow as I want and not feel bad about myself and my terrible abilities. 

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