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Wednesday, November 9

Morning Endurance

8,900m row

Just the worst at this skill. Eating Alana’s dust s always. Wamp wamppppp


Back Squat
4×5+ @ 160# + 8

Eeek…not feelin’ it today.


AMRAP 20 minutes
5 Deadlifts @205#
1 round Mary (5 HSPU, 10 pistol squats, 15 pull-ups)
Total: 9

This was quite haneous to be honest and I moved SLOW!!! Using 205# was dumb of me…the warm up sets felt easy, but once the workout got going, not so much. 20 mins is long, 90 pistols is A LOT, and even more than my ass and quad soreness, is my HAND soreness. 135 pull-ups…just the most raw and ruined hands.


Bench Press
4×5+ @105 + 10


5 Strict T2B
5 Strict K2E
10 T2B
10 GHD Hip and Back extensions – demo
20 GHD Back extensions – demo
20 GHD Hip and Back extensions
10 bicep curls @25#
3 Rounds SLOWLY

Just so much hand pain…did these babies hang in’ by me wee fingertips. I should have just done nothing from the bar…but my OCD rule following got the best of me. Was all by myself, so I didn’t work hard today. Did some stretching in the corner and went home. 

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