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The Real MVP

The Real MVP

Lets talk for a minute about diets, exercise and fitness programs. We’ve heard the saying before, calories are king when it comes to the kitchen.

If calories are king than consistency is queen and we all know that the queen is the real MVP.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am going to let you in on a secret that might hurt your heart a little bit. There is no secret diet plan, macro breakdown, fitness regime, supplement or template that will help you reach your goals. I know…major let down right, wamp wamp.

You know what else isn’t magic; running, spin class, Orange Theory, hot yoga, the Paleo diet, a keto diet, IF, Zone or whatever other bandwagon people are jumping on.

I mean, these are all great things. And, living a life filled with nutritious food and fun fitness activities is awesome. BUT, if you aren’t seeing the results you have always wished for, my guess is that something is missing and it’s likely consistency.

I am talking CONSISTENCY over time…probably a long fucking time. Not six-weeks, not 12-weeks—I am literally talking a year, two years, three years!!! Oh, and even worse news, the older you get, the more consistent you have to be.


I’ve been an athlete my entire life, but it’s literally taken me three years of hard-fucking work, lifting heavy weights, making tiny sometimes seemingly useless gains to even look remotely like I do fitness, and I still resemble a snow man. For example, I have not drank alcohol in 2017…yet. Consistency is drinking sparkling water like a Debbie downer when everyone else is getting shitcanned and eating tasty pizza and delicious treats.

I am not saying that you can’t have fun, indulge and enjoy your life, of course you can…YOLO! And I am not aboard the boiled chicken and broccoli train either. I’m just saying that staying consistent 80% of the time and not punishing yourself when you do fall off the “wagon” will yield the best results.

The athletes you see with perfectly chiseled muscles, these muscles took years to build. Perhaps they even started building them as a child in gymnastics, dance, or swimming (definitely not useless basketball), or have spent seven years doing CrossFit every day. These muscles—they didn’t appear overnight, and if they did…well, that person is the genetically gifted 1%. (Like, maybe Nicole who was born with bulging quad muscles). So don’t compare yourself to others—we are all unique and that’s what makes the journey special…ya, blah blah blah, sometimes it really sucks.

So, when people ask me…what is the best diet? What should I eat? Or, what workout plan should I follow? I think the best answer is: whichever one you enjoy, whatever makes you happy and whatever you will stick with.

To get started, here are a few keys to think about.

Set realistic goals

It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself. If you want to have a six-pack and that is your goal, ask yourself— is this really possible? What is your current situation and how long will it take? What are the barriers? What will you have to sacrifice to achieve that goal and are you truly willing to make them?

If that’s the goal, then why? If you think achieving perfectly ripped abs is the answer to your happiness, then I fear you are sadly mistaken. But whatever your goals, make sure they are in fact realistic and you understand what it will take to achieve them.


Keep is simple stupid. Time and time again I see people set out to make a change and try to change everything all at once. Over complicating things will almost always lead to failure. Make one small manageable change at a time and stick to it for 2-weeks. If you can do that, add on one more thing.

Ex. You want to start a diet so you cut out all sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten. You also set a goal to go to the gym 5 days a week and sleep 10 hours a night. But then, you find it impossible to sleep 10 hours a night, so you have already failed. We all know what happens next, you get a case of the FUCK IT’s and toss the entire god damn plan in the trash.

What is one teeny tiny manageable change you can make today? Focus on consistency rather than urgency.

Be patient

Ya I get it, being patient is fucking bullshit.  I might be the MOST impatient, MOST stubborn, MOST critical human on the face of this earth. Every coach I have ever had has called me stubborn…because I am. Patience is a virtue that I sure as fuck don’t have. BUT, the good news is, I am starting to get better and you can too.

For me, part of being patient is being mindful of the bigger picture and understanding that the things that require the most patience usually have the biggest payout.

I mean, I have been patiently awaiting my legs to get strong for approximately 3 years and 68 days. But, when I finally do have strong legs one day I will be so much more appreciative of the time and effort and millions of reps it took me to get there.

So, stop looking for the quick fix. Fuck those bullshit cleanses and stop looking for the easy way out. Do the work, stick with it, be patient and stay consistent. It will pay off.

Oh…and if it doesn’t pay off, well fuck I am sorry about this shitty life advice haha. I’m not an expert, I just write things on the internet.

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