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WTF Does Practically Salad Mean?

WTF Does Practically Salad Mean?

What a stupid name for a blog, “Practically Salad”, wtf does that even mean?

Ahh, picking a blog name, one of the most arduous tasks of our time. You try to come up with something creative, that hopefully has some relevance to the general purpose of your blog and when you finally come up with the perfect title and go to purchase it….BAM, already taken. The worst part is, its not even a rad site making the most of your amazing title, its some shitty half built non-existent product page wasting away your precious brainchild.

So finally, after hitting a few walls with aforementioned first choices, this title came up. I would love to take full credit for it, but that would be misleading. A term that I have thrown around before, when referring to making healthy food choices, my friend Alana suggested it, thanks gurrrrl. Practically Salad, the perfect name for a lifestyle blog about health, nutrition, exercise and career; everyone knows that salad is healthy, it makes so much sense. Or does it? What does it even mean you ask?

Practically Salad is a new age reference for healthy food. And by new age, I mean, myself and 3 other people on earth use this terminology.  “Oh, that cookie has raisins and nuts in it, it’s practically salad!”, “This vodka is made from potatoes…practically salad”, “This pizza has spinach and peppers, its practically salad”.

Ok, you get the gist of it, pretty much anything can be practically salad and without getting all deep on you (I am as shallow as a needle ridden kiddie pool at the park), I view this as a metaphor for life. Kind of like when people say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I say, “when life gives you a bunch of processed garbage to make you fat, lets eat it up and call it salad.” Yea, that makes no sense. Oh well, that’s what my blog is called and I already paid for the URL….”Practically Salad” it is :)

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