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Daily Challenge #12

Daily Challenge #12

Daily Challenge #12

Prep something NEW

So, for the duration of this challenge, Sunday challenges will revolve around meal prep on some level.

When creating healthy habits, meal prep is one of the most important habits to create. Let me be very clear… meal prep does not have to be elaborate, it does not mean cooking all day or having perfectly portioned Pinterest style tupperware filled with ideal portions.

Meal prep means being prepared for the week so that you know ahead of time what you will eat and when, as to avoid making irrational decisions, eating out, or hitting up fast food.

SO, tomorrows challenge is to prep food for the week, but ONE of the meals or snacks needs to be something NEW. Something that you don’t usually make—a new veggie dish, a new snack, find a recipe online and try something brand new. We get in habit of eating the same things a lot (I do for sure), which is great, but lets spice it up and add something new to the ol’ repertoire.

Post your meals, ideas, and share to the group!


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