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Daily Challenge #25

Daily Challenge #25

Daily Challenge #25

Compliment others.

Give 3 legit heartfelt compliments today. Don’t just give random compliments for the sake of this challenge. Be intentional, make it meaningful and think about how you can sincerely show someone that you care.

In our individualistic world, we often fail to notice or acknowledge the efforts of people around us. We can be so focused on what we’re doing, that we don’t see the contributions of others – when someone goes out of their way for a stranger, creates a positive experience, or simply just looks nice.

Think about what it’s like for you when no one else notices – when you go the extra mile and it goes unacknowledged. It can put a smile on your face and lift your spirits too.

PS. You are all crushing this challenge and I sincerely appreciate your participation, feedback, contribution and efforts to create healthy habits. 🙂


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