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Daily Challenge #34

Daily Challenge #34

Daily Challenge #34

Finish unfinished business.

Starting things and failing to complete them is a pretty common problem. It’s exciting to start something new when you’re dreaming about the outcome, but once the hard work sets in our excitement dwindles. Or maybe the task is something we never liked to begin with. Either way, it sits there incomplete.

That may seem a little dramatic, but these incompletions hang around like extra weight in our lives. From the mundane things like dishes and laundry, to bigger things like important conversations, appointments, or projects around the house. Nothing gets completed on its own, and the constant presence of incompletion can sap our energy.

Finish something you started today. A shitty task off the side of your desk at work, that pile of towels that need to be washed that you let sit there, that homework assignment you have only half completed.

Get er’ done.


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