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Daily Challenge #38

Daily Challenge #38

Daily Challenge #38


Some of you are probably thinking FUCK YES, while others are thinking fuck you.

This Friday I want you to get 8 hours of sleep. If you are an insomniac, and can’t actually SLEEP for 8 hours, I want you to rest for 8 hours, in bed, attempting to sleep. If you are a shift worker, then try your best to accumulate 8 hours of sleep as best you can. I also know it’s Friday night and you want to be free to stay up late and enjoy life…sadly, I am here to ruin that.

Nothing really beats sleep. If there was an order of things, sleep may be more important than food or exercise. Without sleep your hormones are straight ruined and that will affect how you recover and how you process food. All the good work you do during the day will be slowly dismantled over the course of a poor night’s sleep.

It’s not fair, it’s just the way it is. No matter how many ways your life demands things of you, you can’t change the fact that lack of sleep has a huge effect on your health and overall well being. You may have to do the things that are keeping you from sleeping, and it still won’t change the facts.

Getting more of it makes things better. It makes your body better, it makes your brain better, and it makes your mind better. Sleep and you’ll be healthier, feel stronger, and think more clearly.

2 more challenges to go…easy peazy!!!!

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