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Big Bates’ life advice

Big Bates’ life advice

I stumbled accross this video where Kathy Bates gives life advice to her 30-year-old self. If you don’t know who Kathy Bates is, she is basically an exact replication of what I look like upon waking in the morning before I put make-up on.  

The big Bates has traumatized me many a time with her work. You probably assume I am talking about the movie Misery, or perhaps American Horror Story, but nope. 

Since watching the movie ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ as a small child, I am forever deathly afraid of trains and train tracks. I Googled it, it’s called  the “Buddy scene”, look it up. Also, upon my Google search I discovered that FGT was released in 1991, which would make me 5-years-old when this movie came out. The plot —”A housewife who is unhappy with her life befriends an old lady in a nursing home and is enthralled by the tales she tells of people she used to know.”

Like, what in the actual fuck kinda kid would care to watch this movie? Perhaps an only child that spends too much time with her parents and is a geriatric old sole from the get go. Anyyyywayyy…..

So, without showing anyone this video, I simply asked some beautiful, inspiring, wise women in my life:

 “What advice would you give to your 30-year-old self?” 

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies, although, I think this advice is pretty legit accross the board. Enjoy.

“Don’t worry about other people’s opinions, or what other people are doing, just do what makes you happy. Find a job you love doing.”

“Don’t stress so much—everything is going to be fine. No one can tell you what to do, you have to make your own mistakes and learn from them.”

“Marry rich…just kidding, kinda.” – Momma Bear, best friend, lover of dogs, long walks on the beach and proud mother of an amazing daughter. Also doesn’t own a camera phone. 



“Life is just a series of events, good and bad, and it’s about how you react to them that shapes who you are.” 

“Shit happens to everyone, but you can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself, letting those events define you. Life is 10% events and 90% how you respond to those events. Make a plan of action and get shit done.” – Christine Anderson, experienced life-liver, independent bad ass women, podmate, vegetarian.
christine 2


“Surround yourself with people that lift you up and make you feel good. Don’t try to make relationships work that shouldn’t. Say fuck it. You would rather be alone than around people that you don’t feel 100% jazzed about being around. You don’t got time for that shit.”

“I use my very limited free time to do things that I love with people that I love. Stop feeling obligated. I recently discovered that I HATE hiking. Love running—hate hiking. Finally said it out loud. Big step.” 

“Oh, and on rest days…do NOTHING.” – Rebecca Stoddart, professional conversationalist, caretaker of boys, hater of hikes, Google map enthusiast. 



Everything is going to be fine, just chill, the universe has got your back. Enjoy every step. – Tracy Coriveau, coach, life balance expert, smile perfector, twerk specialist, beautiful soul.



“Live with your significant other for at least 10 years before getting married. (Joking…only if you are Kelley).”

“Don’t wait for the “right time” to do something such as travel around the world, have children, go back to school, get a dog. There is never a right time.”

“Hindsight gives a pretty clear view on the world – don’t be afraid to ask an old person for advice.” – Arlene Olynyk, work mom, problem solver, dog whisperer, aspiring author, mother to an NBA star. 



“Don’t waste your time on poisonous people and don’t waste time doing things you don’t love doing.” 

“Also, learn to say NO.” – Cyndi Deck, life-saver of babies and adults, mom of the year, sarcastic soulmate, lover of Crocs.



“Never second guess your gut instict—i’ve found it’s always been 100% accurate.” – Pina Russo, yogi, all things recreation, giver.



“Live in the moment and enjoy where you are now. If you are always looking into the future and looking at ‘what’s next’, you will miss out on the present.”

“Be confident! Be confident in yourself, how you look, how you carry yourself. Don’t try to be more.” – Jenn Read, prefectionist, future chaser, dance mom, Beaker lover, in-home aerobic enthusiast.



“Travel more when you’re young and dont let anyone talk you out of doing the things you want to do.”

“Wear sunscreen.” – Leanne Riley, professional festivaler, pho expert, caregiver to many, tiny human. 



“Never say never. What you think you would never do and what you are passionate about…it will all change.”

“BE SELFISH. Take vacations, take time for yourself, get that babysitter. Take the time to focus on yourself and what you love. If you don’t have a passion…find one.”

“You are not that old. I felt older at 30 than I do now. You don’t have to grow up. Be silly, be irresponsible, stay out late and take a nap if you can! Life is too short to take things too serious. Adulting isn’t all it is cracked up to be.” – Lacey Munden, teacher, mom to future pro athletes, fireball drinker, surfer, spreader of all the joy.



“Enjoy the carefreeness of your life before children. Family life is great but your life completely changes. If there is anything you want to do, do it now! Travel, climb mountains, sail around the world, train for Ironman, whatever it is don’t wait to do it.”

“Love your body. Stop being so hard on yourself. You’ll never be perfect and you waste so much time thinking you have to be. Age happens, what’s important is to be strong and healthy. Appreciate how lucky you are to have an uninjured body.”

“Take more naps and don’t forget to floss and moisturize.” – J-Lowe, adventurer, photographer, lover of life, mother, wife, sister, cousin, friend to many.

now 20’s is a whole other story..


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