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Eat all the f*king Bread

From the title of this post you are probably thinking, man, this chick is obsessed with bread. First she is talking about the “loaf” and now, a full post dedicated to bread. The truth is, I don’t even really like bread. The only time I really truly crave bread is when I am hungover…for some reason you just want that bread all up inside of you to soak up the depression you feel from the night before. This could segway into another post about the pains of drinking after age 24, but I will save that for another day.

In this scenario, bread is just a metaphor for all the temptations and tasty f*king treats we are faced with everyday. I am going to be honest with you, I have some serious issues with food. Sometimes I feel like a contestant on the Biggest Loser who is faced with one of those temptation challenges (so cruel). I decide to eat one piece of candy to help my teams chances of winning, but once I have that piece of candy I lose my mind and just eat allllll the candy.

Cake eater
What just one bite looks like….

I have struggled with food most of my life, consistently bouncing between diets, cleanses, eating lots, eating very little and trying anything to keep me on track. I know I am not alone with this struggle, especially among my female counterparts, and even more so among my female athlete counterparts. Us athletic females are often bigger and stronger than your average bear, and with that comes the inability to fit nicely into those amazing Pinterest outfits. (Pinterest, i love you, but you can F right off with your amazing home decor , wondrous recipes and adorable outfits that only Lauren Conrad can afford). So its inevitable that many of us will face the struggle of comparing ourselves to the pint sized princesses. #thestruggleisreal



I think its fair to say that we are an all or nothing society. People are constantly going balls to the wall with things like: I’m paleo, I’m ketogenic, I don’t eat gluten, I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat dairy, I don’t eat wheat, I don’t eat red meat, I don’t eat detergent, I don’t eat pottery, I only workout in the morning after I juice three lemons and swallow a handful of beeswax. You don’t hear people saying “I am going to start a very sensible diet and exercise regime where I eat an array of healthy organic foods, exercise regularly and enjoy everything in moderation.” ¬†Nope, nope you don’t. I am one of those all or nothing crazy people too because I know that when I try the everything in moderation approach it starts with moderation and ends with me eating “all of the f*king bread”. If you don’t know who Jackie Perez is, I think she said it best, but check out this vid from Barbell Shrugged Podcast¬†for her take on the approach to sticking with a healthy diet and training to get strong and athletic.

The Pinterest reality

Where are you going with this you ask? In the end I don’t think their is one right or wrong way to approach a healthy diet. If you have to go with an all or nothing approach, then that might be the route that works best for you. Don’t let your friends pressure you into eating the breadsticks at the restaurant because you know its a slippery slope. Stick to your guns and you will be happy you did, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself and live a little. #exerciseeatsleeppartyrepeat
Eat without regret and you will be happier because of it! If you can happily enjoy everything in moderation without putting all or nothing restraints on yourself than kudos to you my friend, you have won the will power lottery.

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