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Corona Chronicles 17.04.2020

Corona Chronicles 17.04.2020


Today’s feels…

Dear people of social media who are worrying about becoming a less fit version of yourself, please stop it.

I would really like it if we could all just agree that we are going for daily check marks and not PRs?

I’m not talking about pro athletes whose job it is to train, in that case, there is a legit reason to potentially fear the loss of your livelihood. I’m talking about yo average ass people who are stressing about losing gains, losing fitness, not having your best workouts, and then posting about said workout and how it wasn’t your best.

NEWSFLASH, of course it wasn’t your fucking best, unless you thrive training alone, outside, in a god damn prickle bush, with pine cones under your feet and a rusty ass set of dumbells! World records are rarely broken in an empty arena using shitty equipment when nothing is on the line, in fact, they are never broken that way. We really just don’t need to know that your workout wasn’t your best today, okay Barb? You know who did have their best workout ever today…no one on planet earth.

You know what else, we really don’t need to see your entire session on film with a motivational quote either. We get it, you’re digging deep and despite these trying times, you’re getting out there and giving it your all. While I applaud your dedication, I don’t really care to watch your documentary.

Side note: I post screenshots of my workouts often if they are fun, and I like to see what other people are doing for workouts as well. I think sharing ideas is great, and it’s cool to see the unique places people are working out. It’s cool to see the lengths people (myself included) will go to get in a workout. It’s actually been really cool to see how little we really do need to be inside a gym. If anything, I think we should applaud ourselves for how much fitness we are actually managing to maintain without the luxuries of normality.

BUT, I think we can all agree that it’s ok to just go through the motions some days. It’s ok if you don’t feel as strong. It’s ok if you don’t even want to workout. We just out here checkin’ boxes, moving, staying sane, staying healthy, and trying not to get depressed while isolated from everything we know and love. Literally, no one cares about your fitness, no one will care if you lost gains, and stop worrying because it always mostly comes back haha. I literally can’t even fathom some of the things I used to be able to do that I no longer can, and you know what…zero people give a fuck. #givelessfuckstodayandtomorrowandalways

Today I’ve learned that paper bags aren’t better than plastic for the environment and that’s why we use reusable bags.

Today I’m grateful for where I live, Vancouver Island has got to be one of the best places to live in the world.

Today’s irrational fear is that there aren’t enough boats or floatation devices on Vancouver Island if we all have to get off of it? We are like the Titanic.

I would love some engagement on these daily posts since living in isolation has meant far less human connection. What did you learn today? What’s your irrational fear today? Comment below or on Facebook.

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1 thought on “Corona Chronicles 17.04.2020”

  • Loving these posts. I couldn’t agree more about people whining – think it’s all narcissistic. I’ve been mostly staying off social media and that helps to reduce the noise and distractions. I live alone which gets lonely sometimes, but I keep reminding myself that everyday I wake up healthy is a gift, and I’m incredibly lucky to have a safe place to call home and a good job that I can WFH and will return to soon. Some days I take a walk, some days I join my gym’s zoom classes, and some days I change into my day pajamas and watch 12 hours of house hunters. Sooooo much to be thankful for, they overshadow the other inconveniences. This won’t last forever! Be well 🙂

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