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From average to less average with Blonyx

From average to less average with Blonyx

I used to be a super mediocre athlete. Enter, Blonyx.

After just 30 some odd days of taking this magical supplement, I’ve gone from average to athlete and my current trajectory is definitely the CrossFit Games.

As a spectator.

To be honest, I’m still extremely average, however, perhaps slightly less sore and marginally stronger. After 3.5 years of CrossFit and a lifetime of competitive sports, I am pretty pumped on even the most marginal of gains. So, if 30 days of taking Blonyx can elicit me some gains, count me in from here on out.

When it comes to supplements I’m pretty skeptical and rarely have I ever noticed any significant changes. I can throw two scoops of pre-workout straight to the face and feel nothing. So, either I’m a super human caffeine metabolizer or my adrenals are totally busted and I’m dead inside. (Probably the latter). Lets just say, going into this experiment I had my reservations.

After 35 days of taking Blonyx HMB+ creatine and trying to annihilate my body in the gym on the daily, I did come out the end feeling a little stronger. It’s hard to say whether it was the HMB+ or if it was the increased volume, but let’s contribute any strength gains to a combination of the two working in perfect harmony.

What I noticed –

I tested my 5-rep max back squat the day before I started taking Blonyx and re-tested again after 5-weeks. I won’t disclose my extremely sub-par numbers, but 5-weeks-later and BOOM, I added 5lbs to my 5RM squat; a 2.5% increase. However, I want to make one thing VERY clear—during this time I probably did 500 squats a week, increased volume pretty significantly and was extremely diligent with everything that went into my body, including an increase in calories.

That being said, despite the absurd leg volume my body adjusted well, recovery was pretty good and I was still able to walk somewhat normally most days of the week. #Winning

I also measured my quad girth pre and post Blonyx and my quads legitimately grew from a mere 21″ to a savage 21.5″. I know I know…that’s an impressive set of stems, it’s actually kind of a miracle I can squat at all really.


Aside from my new set of jacked get-a-way sticks, here are some things I learned.

What not to do with Blonyx –

1. Take it raw and straight to the face


2. Snort it for faster absorption 


3. Waste it by doing what’s outlined above

If you are thinking of trying it out, I would say you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If improved recovery and possible gains are on the table, test it out and see how your bod responds. You might just be able to move yourself from average to slightly less average, or maybe even elite.

Big thanks to Blonyx for noticing my potential to be a Crossfit Games spectator and sending me some free product to test out, I won’t let you down. #spectator2018

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