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Life lessons from Saved by the Bell

Life lessons from Saved by the Bell

It’s safe to say that everything I learned in life I learned from Saved by the Bell.

All my life I pegged myself as the Kelly Kapowski type (mainly because of my name), but let’s be real, we all know I am totes Jessie Spano. Kind of an amazon, super opinionated, obsessed with perfection, class president AND win the track meet kinda girl. Def not the petite cheerleader, perfectly quafed bangs, bangin’ bod, win over Zack Morris type. Although, I won over Curt Dale in life and he is basically Zack Morris.

Unlike Jessie Spano, my life stayed on the straight and narrow and I didn’t have to become a stripper to make money. Although, I could probably make some sick side cash if I took on that lifestyle, so I don’t blame her. If you have no idea what the fuck I am even talking about right now, don’t even worry…I promise to get to the point soon.


While navigating my way through this complicated thing called life, I often reflect back on the messages I took away from my pals at Bayside High. Be,ba,be,ba, ba, ba, be…go Bayside.

You always want what you can’t have

Time and time again, Zack Morris wanted to win over Kelly but failed miserably. Jessie wanted to get into Harvard but didn’t. Kelly wanted to be skinnier, Jessie also wanted to be skinnier, and everyone wanted to have teenage muscles like AC Slater…but ya know what friends, life isn’t fair.

There will always be a new goal to chase, a new PR to seek, and some more weight to lose… but if we don’t stop for a second to enjoy the process, we will never truly be happy. I mean shoot, if Jessie got into Harvard she wouldn’t have had the chance to go to that sick community college and be a part of SBTB the College Years.

Have goals, dream big, chase after muscles like AC Slater but make sure to know your ‘why’ and have fun along the way.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Clich√© as fuck I know, but I honestly wish that so much of life wasn’t spent judging each other and judging ourselves.

Remember that time Zack met a hot girl and then realized she was in a wheelchair and panicked? Then he learned that people in wheelchairs are just as great as everyone else? What a life lesson…thanks for that gem Zack.

I’m 100% guilty of passing judgemet, let’s be real, but can we all just spend a little less time judging each other (especially our fucking bodies) and a little more time complimenting one another. I really like giving compliments…I feel like a sincere compliment can go a long way. Try it!


Street smarts are legit AF

Jessie studied like a mother fucker for the SAT’s and Zack didn’t study at all, but you know what, Zack got a 1500. Turns out all that scheming, skipping school, talking on his giant cell phone and persuading Mr. Belding really worked out for him. You know why? Street smarts.

You don’t have to have a PhD to be a smart cookie. While school teaches you some vaulable skills, you can learn a lot from a relentless persuit of your passions. Read, watch videos, listen to podcasts, study your craft, get a mentor and garner yourself some people skills…this will take you far.¬†(Ha, this is ironic since I have done a lot of school and I work in marketing at a university).

Don’t be insecure about your knowledge. You are likely much smarter than you think. Fake it till ya make it. Be confident. Act like you know your shit. And if all else fails, toss out a sexy wink and you will be golden.


Credit card debt is bad news bears

Lisa’s parent’s rewarded her good grades with a new credit card and shockingly, at age 16, she got herself into trouble. I mean, obvi…wtf kind of highschool kid gets a credit card? If the life lesson here isn’t money management, it’s definitely piss poor parenting skills.

This one is pretty simple, don’t spend money you don’t have.

I have zero credit card debt, which my co-workers tell me is unusual for a millenial. And maybe this will change when I have kids, or when/if my financial situation changes. But, I think it’s a safe bet to try to spend money that you have and try not to rack up tooooo much debt, or else you might find yourself on that app where you can pimp yourself out for cash.


Sleep is important, choose hugs not drugs

The iconic episode when Jessie gets addicated to caffeine pills while trying to stay-up late and study was a real hit. Till this day, everytime I pop some caffeine I think…shoot, I hope I don’t end up like Jessie Spano.

Let’s face it, drugs can be supes fun (sorry mom) BUT they really aren’t doing anything for you. Life is hard and busy and getting enough sleep is a fucking challenge, but get your ass to sleep because it’s pretty important and affects every part of your health and well-being in a major way. Make it a priority and soak in the HGH if you really do want guns like AC.

Plus…you don’t want to end up like this….


Keep your mom jean game fresh

This might be the most important life lesson of all time. Mom jeans will forever be cool, so keep your threads fresh.


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