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What’s Your ‘Type’

Ok, so this post isn’t about your type at all…it’s actually all about my type! Hop on the narcissism train cause we are going for a ride on the K-pups express…choo choo! This is a guest post that I wrote for my friend Monica’s blog. Monica is the creator of a t-shirt company called 16Sundays based on Myers Brigg’s 16 personality types.

She encouraged a group of us to take the Myers Briggs personality test, and this is what I learned.

I am an ESFP.   Extravert. Sensing. Feeling. Perceiving.

ESFP’s are the most common personality type at 10% of the population. What this tells me is that, I am NOT in fact special.

All these years I have spent thinking that I was one of a kind and as it turns out, not only am I not one of a kind, I am the god damn majority. As a personality type that enjoys the spotlight and being the centre of attention, it’s disheartening to learn that I have to share it with so many others just like me.

What’s crazy about the test is that, it’s shockingly accurate. What’s even crazier is that, we think of ourselves as these super complex individuals that are shaped by our up-bringing, lifestyle and experiences, when in reality, one little test can have us nailed down in just a few short minutes. If you are an ESFP...this is a pretty insightful summary.


Some personality traits that are common among ESFP’s  that I think are pretty spot on for me include: 

ESFPS’s communicate their emotions, fears and desires in a clear way If you know me, you know this is true. I say what’s on my mind, I don’t hold back, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and everyone knows how I am feeling ALL.THE.TIME. I wish this wasn’t the case…but something went wrong with my filter and that shit is busted. #openbook #allrealallthetime

ESFP’s have excellent people skills and are good at making friends Making friends has always come easily to me. I get along with most people, I love to talk, gossip and make people laugh, even if it is at my own expense. I remember everyone’s name…like, literally everyone I have ever met. Remembering names and faces is important to me, people like to be remembered.

ESFP’s are sensitive – I might not seem sensitive to the naked eye, but I am. I cry…a lot. I beat myself up about anything and everything and I am very sensitive to criticism. Because I am a trash-talking jokester it’s not always obvious, but when people make hurtful comments,  I remember.

Finally, ESFP’s are most likely to be caught busting out in spontaneous dance –  Ummmm, fact. #dropitlikeitshot #4000hitsonyoutube #decadeolddormroomdancevideo


So, with all that being said, how does my ‘type’ affect my relationships with the people I love?

“ESFP’s use an alluring combination of blunt truths, disarming openness and charm to keep things moving. Where ESFP personalities falter is in keeping the friends they already have.”

This couldn’t be more on point. Although I make friends easily, I have a more difficult time maintaining friendships. I get excited easily and give all my energy to a relationship, but once the excitement and novelty wears off, I am on to the next! I think that this works both ways actually, people like me at first but once the novelty of my jokes and outrageous dance moves wear off, I am nothing but a pleasure-centric blood sucker.

Knowing that I am likely to get over-excited, invest everything in a relationship and start looking for a new stimulus, I think knowing my personality type will help me focus in on the importance of investing time and energy into existing friendships.


Has understanding my personality type given me new perspective on my thoughts and actions during a life changing event?

I have only really had one large-scale life changing event and that was quitting basketball. I quit in a fashion only an ESFP would have it – dramatically, making a scene, without thinking about the consequences of my actions or how my fleeting emotional decision would affect my future.

I won’t go into details, but I will say that looking back I can clearly see the marks of my personality type left splattered behind. I am conflict averse and would rather abort a situation than face conflict head on. I don’t think things through and I act with my heart instead of my head. If I could go back in time I would tell my irrational 21 year old self to take a step back and keep a cool head, face conflict and deal with my problems like an adult. #liveandlearn

I am happy to have taken this test as it’s given me a new understanding of myself and why I do the things I do!

Sooooo, now that you know all about my personality, are you interested to learn more about your own?

Take the test here and checkout Monica’s blog. 






1 thought on “What’s Your ‘Type’”

  • Oh gawd! What have I gotten myself into?? Hahaha just jokes, bestie.

    You are a one of a kind deal. I don’t care what the gawdamn test says. No one else has the Kpups smirk, those bendy elbows, that tireless need to learn every skill, that selfless pumping up of others, your ghetto hipster Tibetan princess looks, or takes joy in inflicting pain while mobilizing my shoulders 😉

    Don’t get tired of me, please 🙂

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