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Monday, December 14

After spending the last week in Boston and checking out the coolest gyms of all time, I will take some time to recap my experience and workouts when I have more time and energy. Until then…..


Part A: 3x (3:00 Easy; 2:00 Moderate; 1:00 Hard); 1:00 Walk
Part B: 3x (2:00 Easy; 1:00 Moderate; 0:30 Hard); 1:00 Walk
Part C: 3x (1:00 Easy; 0:30 Moderate; 0:15 Hard); 1:00 Walk
Total: 42:45

This was ok…my “hards” were not very hard. Oh well!



“Power Drill”
5 HSPU (flat) 
10 Power Clean @ 95
15 Burpees
20 KB Swings, 16kg
25 Wallballs, 14# to 10ft
3:00 Rest
5 Rounds

Time: 28:41 (2:55/3:02/3:00/3:25/3:51)

Wellllll this was fucking terrible. I didn’t really pace myself, I went pretty hard at the beginning and then fell a part big time. I broke up the 5th set of wall balls…that was dumb. I hated the burpees the most. 


Back Squat 5×5 @75% – 145#

Will I ever become a better squatter….it’s highly unlikely.


Muscle ups
1-2-3-1-2-1-1- + 1 without a false grip

At first muscle ups felt good, but then like always I fell apart. 1 muscle up at a time is my comfort zone, but was nice to get 3 in a row today. This was supposed to be a ladder, but a ladder is not in my wheelhouse just yet. Oh well, one day perhaps. Tried one without a false grip…it was sketchy. 


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