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Monday, July 11

Morning Enduro

8km Trail run



30 C&J @95#
Run 1 mile
10 rope climbs
Run 1 mile
100 burpees
Time: 28:15

Compare to October 19. I narrowly beat my time, and if I didn’t know I finished around the 28 min mark last time, I probably would have been much much slower today. I think I PR’d Grace maybe…well, I actually don’t know the last time I tested Grace, but I did 20-10 and finished in exactly 2 mins. THEN….I ran a sweet almost 9 minute mile, so that’s rad (not). It was hot and muggy as fuck…it was all just pretty miserable tbh. I needed a soft mat for me knees for the burpees b/c they are too sore to hit the ground.


a. Work to a heavy snatch balance
@65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135#

That felt like enough…my knees ache, my shoulder is a little fucked up, and at some point in the last week I jammed my wrist and it’s really sore too. WTF is happening 🙁 Anyway, I have zero clue how to snatch balance so epic fail there. 

b. 3×3 OH squat @80% – 115#

c. 3×10 Back squat @80% – 115#


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