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Monday November 10


Snatch @55, @65, @75, @85, @90, @95, @100 (PR) …I feel like I could have done more, but we ran out of time. Can’t wait for the day when snatch doesn’t feel like the worst movement of my life.


5 Power Snatch @75
10! Toes to Bar

Time: 9:09

Sooo, I dunno what I was thinking but I fucked this baby up. I must have been in the bathroom when Ashley was explaining the workout, even though I know what 10! means. For some reason I did not realize we were counting down t2b each round, so I was doing 10 x t2b every time. It took me to round 5…when I thought the WOD was over to realize I had been doing it wrong and I started doing it right. I mean, a few extra t2b never hurt nobody. 🙂

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