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Open worthy fucks

Open worthy fucks

The CrossFit Open starts this week and for those of you who participate, whether or not you are a competitive athlete or not, it can be stressful AF.

If you read my blog but don’t know what the CrossFit Open is…its super confusing to explain because it’s basically just a bunch of crazy people doing exercise for time, like we do every single other day of the year, but this time we are devastated when a stranger on the internet beats us by 1 rep.

If someone were to beat me on a workout by one rep on any other day of the year, would I care? Absolutely not. I would simply move on with my day and not spend hours dwelling on it, or give it a second thought. That one rep could literally just be the set up of your gym, how far you had to walk to your bar, or how high your bar was and if you had to stand on a box to reach it or not. That one rep certainly does not define your fitness.

What I am getting at is, to the average person, this literally sounds fucking crazy. Like, really take a moment to think about it.

For the majority of people who participate in the Open (not talking Regional and Games level athletes), it really shouldn’t be worth very many of your fucks. But just how many is it actually worth?

Part of why I am writing this post is because, even though I am just an average recreational fitnesser, I give WAY too many fucks.

But Kelley, it’s just for fun you say!

You know what’s not that fun to me…going to the dark place. Having to go to the dark place causes me anxiety. You know what else isn’t that fun to me…realizing that I did fitness 6 days a week, twice a day (cause I’m fucking neurotic, but that’s a different story), all year long, and actually somehow got less fit than last year. Oh…and I also don’t really like being compared to others, especially my friends.

So, just don’t do the Open you say? Save dem fucks for something important you say?

Valid point.

However, despite it all, misery loves company and there is something painfully fun about sharing in misery with all of my friends and other people as crazy and neurotic as me all over the world. And despite my strong dislike for the dark place…its super rare that I go there, so this is the one time of year that I can kind of justify it.

But guys, I’m not trying to debate the merit of the Open here, these are just MY feelings. I’m not going to tell anyone how many fucks they should or shouldn’t give and what to use them on. That is individual and you can give as many or as few as you want.

However, I have some goals for myself over the next five weeks that I want to put it out into the world to help hold myself accountable.

Performance goals: My goals here are to just do my best on whatever workouts show up and to not let anyone else’s performance affect my own. I can’t change the fact that I still suck shit at gymnastics and have spent the last 3 months barely pulling, so I need to just stay in my lane and not compare myself to others, or the previously more fit version of myself.

Mental/emotional goals:
Eeeek, this will be the hardest. Mentally my goal is to go easy on myself. I know that might seem silly to a lot of people, but I am a hardcore perfectionist and I can be mentally abusive to myself when I am not happy with my performance. This leads to terrible external behaviour. I want to be happy for the success of others and bring genuine laughter and humour to situations that people take way too seriously! And, I want to be fun to be around, not draining.

Physical goals:
 The last 8 months have been the hardest and most stressful months of my entire human life. I cannot discount the toll it has taken on me mentally and physically. Stress takes so much out of us, and physically I have definitely been more fit than I am right now. I’m also old AF and my joints remind me of this daily. However, my physical goals are just to do what I can, control the controllables like nutrition, sleep, stress and recovery… and not fuck myself up more than I already am! #Crossfitsoundslikeatreat

Aesthetic goals:
Things I have learned this year is that performance and aesthetics are two separate things. I’m going to TRY not to worry toooo much about my lack of abs during the Open and instead, actually fuel for performance. Maybe this year I will recover well enough to not be 100% ruined after every workout. It’s only five weeks of my body looking like a huge bag-o-d’s. #carbsFTW #not15%BF #sorryBen

Anyway, you’re welcome for another episode of Kpups goes on a narcissistic rant. Someone please remind me of these goals after 18.1 when I want to go play in traffic. Like I’ve said many times in the past, our fucks are limited, save them for what’s important in life. The Open really isn’t one of those things. No one outside of this tiny little bubble cares, so maybe we can all just agree to sandbag the workouts together. Okeeeeee byeee.

I want to know your goals. Post em up and I can help hold you accountable too.


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