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Corona Chronicles 18.04.2020

Corona Chronicles 18.04.2020


Grocery shopping is one of my favourite things. I can’t explain it, I know lots of people hate it, but I enjoy it. Grocery shopping is now ruined.

Out of all the things going on in the world, I know it’s tedious to be upset about my fractured grocery shopping experience, but it’s just one more piece of normalcy stripped away.

I go from living in my isolated bubble and feeling okay about things, to standing in line to enter the grocery store flooded with anxiety. Not because I’m scared of the Rona, although, there is that too…but the line up to get into the store is long and half the people are wearing masks, which is anxiety producing in itself.

Once you step foot into the store, arrows lead you around taking away all your free will to turn down any isle you want and make irrational snack choices. Not to mention waiting for people who are staring at the shelves for 10 minutes, and then feeling like you have to just grab things off the shelf in a mad panic…no time to peruse, you touch it you bought it. Today I bought an overpriced 20-pack of eco-friendly compostable bags that I did not need after picking it up by mistake. If you miss something…there is no turning  back, you’re just straight up out of luck. Not to mention the fear of getting judged for the non essential candle you just popped in your cart.

Then there are the patrons who seemingly are unaware that there is a worldwide pandemic taking place, and literally give zero fucks. They are blissfully unaware of the virus as well as my dirty side eye. Sorry little girl, but if you take one step closer to me I will shoot my leg out and if you are struck…not my fault.

Honestly, everything about grocery shopping has now been ruined…except for the tasty food that comes out of it. Oh wait, it’s not even that tasty because I missed that one item that I needed and couldn’t turn back for, so I guess I’m out of luck until next week.

Today I’ve learned that I look exactly like Mr. Burns when I run. I ran past a window today and was like yep, I look like a 75 year old, pale, lanky hunchback man, perfect.

Today I’m grateful for being able to go to the grocery store at my own free will despite it being a less than ideal experience, having food security and not being vegan. I know it’s a luxury to be able to walk into a grocery store and purchase food without too much stress.

Today’s irrational fear is that we will end up like some other countries and have a ticket that allows us outside for one hour a day to get groceries or to exercise. Now THAT would be a real nightmare. But maybe if it does turn into the real life hunger games, I can meet my very own Peta at the bread shop.

I would love some engagement on these daily posts since living in isolation has meant far less human connection. What did you learn today? What’s your irrational fear today? Comment below or on Facebook.

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