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Corona Chronicles 20.04.2020

Corona Chronicles 20.04.2020


Today’s thoughts…successfully surviving a recession/depression.

I read an article today about how a “great depression” is essentially inevitable, and to be honest, I have such a limited understanding of global economics that I don’t even fully understand what that looks like in today’s world. I understand it on a surface level, but I don’t know what that really looks for the average person.With the unbelievable wealth that individuals possess today, is another great depression possible?  I’m also not sure if I represent the average person? Am I a low-level junk bag, or do I represent the middle class?

Based on this article I’m definitely lower middle class. I do not have more than one refrigerator, which is a classification metric apparently…but I COULD own a second refrigerator if I wanted too, it would just be quite silly since I’m just one human and I live in a basement. But I digress…

I can’t be sure what this recession means for me and others similar to me, but based on how I live my life, I believe I’m equipped to handle what’s to come. Unless this shit lasts until 2022…which I heard Joe Rogan talk about today, in which case I won’t need money because I’ll jump off a bridge.

A poor person’s guide to surviving an economic downturn: 

Live below your means. 

I know that not everyone has the option to live below their means, and many people and families live paycheque to paycheque. I realize that I’m super privileged, and I’m truly grateful for that. But, I also know that I’ve made a shit ton of sacrifices in my life to live below my means.

It has meant not racking up ANY credit card debt and not spending money that I don’t have on things that I want like vacations, toys, clothes and fancy things.

Drive a used or shitbaggy vehicle, ride a bike, or take public transportation!

I mean, I think if you need to drive it’s important to have a reliable vehicle, but I also think it’s silly to owe money or get into “considerable” debt because you want to drive something fancy. Reasonable payments are understandable, but if you are in a situation where if something happens you can’t afford your car payments, you’ve made a bad life choice and you’re living beyond your means.

Don’t be house poor!

This one is difficult because if you live in any decent city in Canada, housing and rent costs are astronomical. However, it takes sacrifices to live below your means!

Could I afford to rent a downtown condo…yes. Is it worth paying $500 more a month to live in said condo and feel cool? No. I choose to live in a modest basement suite in a cute neighbourhood, where the rent is affordable and allows me to save money. This also could mean being an adult and having roommates, it might not sound sweet, but it’s a SMART move.

Is it nice to have your own space, a sweet house/condo?! YES. But, because of this choice, I am not at risk of being unable to pay my rent/mortgage when a pandemic hits.

Find alternative ways of making money, work your ass off, and save for an emergency.

Once again, there are many hardworking people working in industry’s that will be greatly impacted by this pandemic: small business owners, big business owners, service providers, coaches…the list goes on, EVERY human will be affected in some capacity. What is happening is out of everyone’s control and it’s TRAGIC.

But what I do know is that the smart, savvy and creative people will prevail. Watch Gary V’s videos and he will provide ample ways that people can side hustle and make money. It might mean selling shit, giving up your car and your insurance, cutting your cable, taking a job you feel is beneath your skillset…but this is no time to have an ego. There are opportunities to be found in every negative situation, you just have to be willing to look for them.

I’ve worked 6-7 days a week for the last two+ years, which has meant not having a free weekend like…ever. I’m constantly thinking of ways that I can leverage my skills if something were to go sideways and I know plenty people in my circle who have done the same. It might mean going on deployment to Latvia and living in a tent for 6-months, or doing a locum in a shitty northern community away from your friends and family, but those who are willing to work hard and make sacrifices will be OK in the end, I truly believe that.

That’s all I’ve got for now, and I don’t know if any of this will matter. But, I think that many young people have gotten in the habit of living beyond their means, and racking up credit and worrying about status. If we were all a little bit better at living within our means, and saving, we would be in a better position going into this recession.

A reminder that these are just my daily thoughts, I’m just a broke ass B, and I have plenty of pals who make way more money, are way smarter than me, and have made great financial choices…but those haven’t come without sacrifice either.

Today I’ve learned about how we define class systems in Canada and the US.

Today I’m grateful for having a job where I feel supported, and still being employed right now.

Today’s irrational fear is that despite all my efforts to save money, be savvy, and live below my means, these sacrifices will be meaningless, I will miss out on the fruits of life, and I will end up like Kevin Mcallister, who left his rollerblades in a box until he outgrew them and really missed his chance to cruise through the streets with the wind in his hair.


I would love some engagement on these daily posts since living in isolation has meant far less human connection. What did you learn today? What’s your irrational fear today? Comment below or on Facebook.

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