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Corona Chronicles: A Ronacoaster of Emotions

Corona Chronicles: A Ronacoaster of Emotions


I’m going to keep things super brief today because well…not every post is going to be a winner.

I feel like we can all agree that life right now is just a Ronacoaster of emotions. I’m not sure about you, but I have a couple of good days where I’m like, I’m fine, this is fine, everything is fine, followed by what I like to refer to it as the doom day. Today was my day of doom and here is my internal dialogue.

If this lasts for a year I’m going to say fuck the rules and start taking my chances with Rona.

Why is breathing so hard, is this the Coco or is it allergies? (As I look down at my phone covered in yellow pollen).

I’ve hit rock bottom, this is rock bottom, I’m a single fucking loser hanging with my cat. My cat is so cute though. Although that puppy I saw this morning was deadly…got I love puppies, I should watch puppy videos, that will cheer me up.

I’m going to be alone forever for sure. I’m getting older by the minute and trapped in isolation. Another year single, awesome.

I wonder if spending so much time alone is making me into even more of an introvert?

My eggs are probably completely gone. I wonder what the adoption process is like during Covid…borders are shut, I wonder if there are more babies than normal that need homes?

Man, I’m actually so glad I’m not a parent right now. Although, at least I’d have someone to hang out with. Hmmm, but would I rather hang out alone than with a bored child?

Jesus Christ, I’ve never looked this ugly before. The only positive thing about this quarantine is that no one has to look at me.

That photo of Kylie Jenner as her true self made me feel better…I’m not the only one who looks like a Victorian child without make-up. Although, I look more like Queen Victoria these days…I need botox.

Hmm, I should write a post quarantine beauty list: hair cut/colour, ear surgery, laser all the things, botox, tan.

Man, I’m fucked up…does everyone hate themselves this much.

Ughh, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, how am I going to workout in the rain. I’m such a baby, stop being such a baby, it’s just rain.

Man, how does everyone have so much extra time, I literally have no extra time?

Man, I hate puzzles. Even if I had all the time in the world, I would rather just stare at the wall than do a puzzle.

Kelley, have you even done a puzzle? Ya, once when I was a kid I got a Rainbow Bright puzzle from a garage sale…it was a pretty dope puzzle, but it was .25 cents and it was missing a key piece. Fuck I’m ghetto.

Common Kel, it’s not that bad, you are the most antisocial person ever, what would you really be doing differently right now?

I hope the housing market collapses. Ah, why are you thinking that…that’s horrible, stop wishing for others misfortune for your own gain.

I wonder what would happen if I got Covid? Am I actually healthy? I do have asthma, and I’ve had pneumonia, and my lungs are kind of fucked up. But I’m also pretty fit, I sleep well, and I eat healthy..that’s gotta count. Maybe those people who think they are healthy and get it bad aren’t really that healthy? Lots of people think they are healthy who are sure as fuck not.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Earth Day. Dang, what an ironic time to celebrate the Earth, this planet is fucked right up.

I can’t wait to eat again.

Today I learned that ear plastic surgery costs about $4000 in Canada, but is a lot cheaper in Mexico. Maybe once it’s safe I’ll take a little plastic surgery holiday.

Today I’m grateful for my parents because they are the best, even though I can’t see them.

Today’s irrational fear is all of the above.

I would love some engagement on these daily posts since living in isolation has meant far less human connection. What did you learn today? What’s your irrational fear today? Comment below or on Facebook.

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