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Corona Chronicles: Kelley Learns…

Corona Chronicles: Kelley Learns…

Corona Chronicles 05.01.2020

Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Kelley Learns.

As I mentioned early in the week, I watched a video on how to make the perfect French omelette. So today, Kelley learns to make a proper French omelette from this nice lady on the internet.

Turns out I’m about as good at cooking as I am at drawing unicorns. #wifematerial (What an ironic hashtag, since I really wasn’t wife material).

To be honest, I think you need a really good non-stick pan to make this perfection happen, so in hindsight, I should have tried my cast iron. I will try again soon, and maybe purchase some delicious soft cheese and chives to make it even more bomb.

Today I learned that you need a good non-stick pan to nail an omelette.

Today I’m grateful for a mostly healthy body that can exercise daily.

Today’s irrational fear is that I might accidentally decide to cut my own hair…it’s looking savage.

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