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Corona Chronicles: What day is it?

Corona Chronicles: What day is it?

23. 04. 2020

Todays thoughts…

My first thought is that the only reason I even know the date is because I have been writing these daily posts that are labelled by date. Otherwise, time is irrelevant and seemingly standing still—it’s basically groundhog day.

For example, this morning while driving, I saw a house with a double-wide carport freshly stacked to the brim with firewood. I thought to myself, “oh dang, that’s a lot of firewood, they are really prepared for winter.”

I LITERALLY FORGOT WHAT TIME OF YEAR IT WAS AND THOUGHT IT WAS WINTER. Yes, I’m shouting because I’m so disoriented that I don’t even know winter from spring, summer from fall. WTF day is it, who’s birthday am I forgetting. I don’t even know anymore.

I’ve also been staying up a little bit later lately even though I’m tired, and do you know why? It’s because I don’t really want to wake up. HA…I mean, I don’t want to be dead, but like, I’m not really excited to relive this day over and over again for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, to brighten my mood I thought I would just take a walk down memory lane and list off some things I miss from real life.

  • I miss being on Tinder and then regretting my choice to be on Tinder, and then making plans to go on a date, but then bailing on the date.
  • I miss saying I’m going to attend an event or go out for drinks, but then not actually attending said night out.
  • I miss making plans I have no intention of actually keeping, now that I can’t even make fake plans anymore.
  • I miss saying things like “I can’t I’m really busy.”
  • I miss having a reason to not answer my phone.
  • I miss the time when people didn’t remember video calls were a thing.
  • I miss eating snacks and dropping crumbs and shit all over myself as I drive home from the store with unsanitized groceries.
  • I miss even marginally caring about my appearance, and pretending like I had places to be or anyone in my life who cares what I look like.
  • I miss looking forward to lazy nights in doing nothing alone.
  • I miss knowing the date.

Today I learned that sea otters have a pouch under their forearm to store their favourite rocks. Just living their best life, collecting pretty rocks in their arm pouches. But, do otters have fanny pack flip flops where they can keep their party snacks?

Today I’m grateful for cooking competition shows. They are my jam.

Today’s irrational fear is that I’ll never be able to eat car snacks again. Are car snacks a thing of the past?

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