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Corona Chronicles 16.04.2020

Corona Chronicles 16.04.2020

The Corona Chronicles is my new series chronicling my thoughts during the quarantine. Each day I’ll share one or two major thoughts that have crossed my mind that day–this is basically my journal, and now I’m just making my inner dialogue public. Some days I will even just look at memes or other people’s thoughts and make my own comments.

This content would likely fare better on a platform like Twitter, but I’m too wordy and not witty enough to wrap things up in 280 characters.


At this point, I’ve accepted this new way of life and the reality that I will be alone forever. What I have not accepted is the fact that we have not yet determined a way to spot reduce fat.

The entire world is working on a vaccine for Covid-19, imagine if they put that kind of woman/manpower into finding a way that we could just inject our fat cells and watch them burn away permanently.

This stems from the fact that I cannot handle spending one more moment looking at my double chin on Zoom. Zoom has done nothing for me other than make me even more hyper-aware of my flaws and the horrendous toll this pandemic has taken on my already lacklustre appearance. I can’t wait for the day that I don’t have to see my pale moon face and Dumbo ears reflect back on me via Zoom.

Today I’ve learned that I have one side of my face that’s better than the other. I know this because my boss pointed it out.

Today I’m grateful for the beautiful weather, it’s the only thing keeping me sane right now.

Today’s irrational fear is that this nice weather means an increased risk of a horrendous forest fire season as they have already started nearby.  A pandemic and a world on fire. This makes my moon face and dumbo ears feel far less important.

I would love some engagement on these daily posts since living in isolation has meant far less human connection. What did you learn today? What’s your irrational fear today? Comment below or on Facebook.

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1 thought on “Corona Chronicles 16.04.2020”

  • 100% for your fear about forest fires! And today I discovered that I have officially learned all of the words to every Charlotte Diamond song, ever. Sobering realization.

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