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Corona Chronicles: Kelley learns to draw

Corona Chronicles: Kelley learns to draw

24. 04. 2020

Today’s thoughts…I’m running out of shit to talk about on the daily, so I should probably learn some new skills and document it.

On the agenda today, Kelley learns to draw by using a video for small children.

Perfect, a video about how to draw a unicorn.

I watched this video once and attempted to recreate it from my memory, while using one hand and filming with the other. You know what though, unlike the girl in the demo, I didn’t get help from the teacher, this was all me.

Side note: filming with one hand and drawing with the other is no easy feat. But, I was actually laughing out loud to myself as I did this. I’m a natural talent.

Did you know that your drawing/art skills top out at whatever age you stopped drawing at. So, if the last time you drew something was grade 7 art class, your skills are that of a 12-year-old. Makes sense I guess, we don’t just magically get better with age.

For tips and tricks on how to become an artist, feel free to hit me up in the DM’s. Please try this and let me know how it goes for you.

What skill should I take on next?

Today I learned how to draw a MF unicorn.

Today I’m grateful for all the peeps who have been reading my daily posts and sending me awesome and hilarious comments. You’re brightening my time in isolation.

Today’s irrational fear is that people aren’t properly following the social distancing rules and we’re going to be living in this Corona-vortex forever. Why can’t people just follow the fucking rules.

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