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Corona Chronicles: No hope with dope

Corona Chronicles: No hope with dope

Corona Chronicles 05.05.2020

Today’s thoughts….

It’s come to my attention that there are a lot of things I was taught as a child that instilled unnecessary fear in me, and shaped some of the ways in which I have lived my life thus far.

Why, as children, were we lead to believe that we would need to have good handwriting, that this would be a highly sought after skill in life? It’s a real shame the hours that went into practising and perfecting my handwriting technique which I have literally never needed in my life.

How about math? Why are we made to believe that we will never be allowed to use calculators? I mean, some people need to understand parabolas, proofs and trigonometry I guess…but not this gal. I think it’s safe to say that my time would have been better spent gaining an understanding of investing, accounting, and general finances.

Why were we taught so much about the dangers of kidnapping, and strangers? Never once has someone tried to lure me in with a van full of puppies or candy! But because of these life lessons, I will forever steer very clear of windowless vans and anyone who tries to give me candy.

But one thing that really has me bamboozled was how readily available I was made to believe drugs were going to be.

The way teachers and parents talked about drugs made it seem like it was going to require a lot of practice and role-playing to get me out of sticky situations where I was offered hard drugs. Saved by the Bell even did an entire episode about it.

“Say no to drugs,” they said. “There’s no hope with dope, ” they said.

You know what…in my experience, people don’t just walk up to you at a party and try to force you to do drugs. Never once in my life has someone tried to give me free cocaine. Do you know how expensive that shit is?

Other things I have not been offered are crack, ecstasy, meth, heroin, acid or even mushrooms if I’m being honest.

Weed is the one and only exception. I think Saved by the Bell was really targeting marijuana with their messaging since their No Hope with Dope episode depicted Kelly Kapowski getting offered weed at a party, landing her in a real pickle. But, now that weed is legal, I’m not certain it carries the same stigma.

What I’m getting at is that people don’t want to share their drugs, so usually a simple no thank you works pretty well. So much fear instilled for such a simple solution.

I get it, we certainly want to let kids know about the dangers of drugs, but I was definitely led astray about what I was going to be dealing with at parties in the future.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got on my mind today…things are slow, and work has been busy so the Corona Chronicles have slowed down to a couple of times per week for now.

Today I learned about murder hornets (and how their name is apparently misleading).

Today I’m grateful for New Girl on Netflix Canada…fuck I love New Girl.

Today my irrational fear is murder hornets?!!!! Are we literally living in the Hunger Games? If so I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to survive.

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