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Corona Chronicles: A tale of sourdough

Corona Chronicles: A tale of sourdough


Today’s thoughts…

Do you ever wonder how things just blow up on the internet and where they originate?

Right now, sourdough and banana bread are bringing BIG energy. Like…who started this trend, who has the power to make sourdough the bread of the year? It’s not new, so why sourdough, why not rye, cinnamon raisin, or ciabatta?

I get it, bread is delicious, and so is banana bread, but so are a million other things, how did these particular items get the glow-up?

Apparently Bon Appetite mag shared a simple focaccia recipe in late February that went viral and had everyone on the focaccia train, but why the sudden move to sourdough?

I can only assume that the quarantined people of the world are so bored that everyone is looking for a challenge, you know because we are a goal-oriented society of overachievers and a standard loaf of bread just doesn’t cut it. So I guess sourdough is kind of advanced with it’s starter, and it’s bubbles. But it seems cumbersome, is that the appeal?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good slice of toasted sourdough, but for some reason I associate it with bologna sandwiches.

Why you ask? Well, I just remember a stretch of time where I got bologna sandwiches on sourdough in my lunch as a child. Like what in the actual fuck is bologna..this explains so much. They say you are what you eat so it’s no wonder my body looks like a tube of unidentifiable meat. I wonder if parents still feed this shit to their kids? There is no way GenX kids are putting up with mystery meat sandy’s these days.

Anyway, I enjoy baking, but I don’t think the sourdough life is for me. I know myself, and patience is not a virtue that I posess. I will leave this to the ambitious bakers of the world with nothin but time on their hands.

Are you baking sourdough? Tell me about it? Why sourdough specifically? What’s the appeal?

Today I learned what bologna is made of, as well as the process of making sourdough.

Today I’m grateful for a busy job that has kept me away from delving into the world of bread baking.

Today’s irrational fear is that i’ve lost my sense of taste. I can’t remember if I burned my tongue on my coffee this morning or what…but my tongue feels weird. Rona dat you?

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2 thoughts on “Corona Chronicles: A tale of sourdough”

  • What is Bologna made of? I was just wondering that yesterday when trying to explain what it was to my daughter!

    Also, I think the sourdough surge is due to a shortage in yeast whereas sourdough starter can be made at home. 😜

    Thanks for your entertaining reads, I always enjoy them!

    • Ah, great question Sarah. Bologna is basically a blend of pork sausage derived from mortadella, made of cubes of pork and fat.

      Ohhhhh, the lack of yeast!!! GREAT point.

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